There’s a lot to our name

Carbon is a fundamental part of all known life, and an essential part of our own DNA, lipids and cells.

It’s fitting, then, since we’re focused on digitizing, analyzing and understanding life, that our name reflect its essential component. Fitting too that we are led by the one individual who has done more to scale the application of genetics around the world: Jun Wang.

Jun was trained in artificial intelligence before he co-founded Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) in 1999. As CEO he built BGI into a premier global genome sequencing center. Jun is also credited with sequencing the genome of the first Asian person, the rice plant, SARS, the giant panda, silkworms, pigs, chickens, goats and the human gut microbiome. And he is a significant contributor to the Human Genome Project and to the rice genome sequencing initiative.

As one of the world’s leading scientists, Jun could have stayed in genomics, and remained at the top of a science he helped to commercialize and consumerize. But in 2015, he founded iCarbonX to create a future in which people can drive their own health and defeat disease with advanced data and AI. Now, Jun has assembled the best set of partners to operationalize his vision.

80+ years of invention and leadership
Here are just a few of the people we’re working with:
  • Bill Colston is a serial inventor and the founder and CEO of HealthTell. Bill and his team have developed a proprietary -omics platform that rapidly measures more than three million features to capture the digital complexity of humoral immune signatures, surface epitopes, post- translational modifications, and nucleic acids. These new measures are essential to understanding how an individual’s immune system reacts to various medical, behavioral or environmental factors.
  • Jamie and Ben Heywood, co-founders of the patient network PatientsLikeMe, have spent a decade creating the definitive platform to engage patients in their health care. With more than 600,000 members, PatientsLikeMe has amassed more longitudinal data about disease than any other network, which guides patients to better outcomes, and pharmaceutical companies in patient-centered drug and disease discovery and development. Their experience will be essential to engaging millions more to characterize their biology and share their experience.
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